You Should Write a Thank You Letter This Thanksgiving

Thinking back to Novembers past, I remember choosing November 1st to lay out my long list of things that I am grateful for. I thought it was cute. Thank you for my family and my job and my car. These are things to be thankful for, but can we take it up just a notch? Can we truly show gratitude this Thanksgiving season? Write a thank you letter!

Admittedly, I am guilty for skipping right on past Thanksgiving because Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love everything about it: the lights, the music, the kindness that we extend to one another, all melt my heart. But how sweet is it to slow down and really give some time to thinking about how far you’ve come. It’s even sweeter to think of the contributions others have poured into your life that has allowed you to make it this far. Whether you are still in contact with that person (or not), they made deposits into you to help you along the way. How blessed you are!

During this month of Thanksgiving, I offer you this challenge: send a thank you letter to someone who has poured into your life. It can be by card, text message, or email. Imagine how amazing it would be if you could deliver this message in person! Take the time and offer gratitude to people who have shown you love and compassion, forgiveness and patience, grace and mercy. There is something so intrinsically wonderful about receiving gratitude.

Write a thank you letter this thanksgiving
Offering thanks in the midst of celebrations

Why You Should Write a Thank You Letter

Writing a thank you letter serves many purposes. One purpose is you are letting someone know that they are being thought of in the sweetest of ways. We are bombarded daily with negativity, it’s a nice feeling to know that someone is grateful that you are alive. It is nice to be remembered. I love the feeling of knowing that I am not forgotten. Write a thank you letter because more thoughts filled with gratitude should be passed around. Opening a letter and reading how much someone is grateful for you makes people want to do more good. You can get that ball rolling with a thank you letter.

Best Thank You Notes Ever Written

The best thank you notes ever written are ones that come from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. We have a tendency to keep things so close to our chest not wanting to express our true feelings. Holding on to things that don’t serve you is not good for your well being. Telling someone how you truly feel is freeing. Offering a thank you offers a piece of good from you and extends it to someone else. Kind of cool, right?!

How to Write a Thank You Letter

USPS Holiday Stamp Collection

First of all, you need supplies: stamps, cards and envelopes, and a nice pen. Let your thank you card reflect your gratitude. If your plan is to send out numerous thank you letters, your local Walmart type store should have boxed thank you cards. Wanting the thank you letter more personalized, check out Shutterfly or Tiny Prints.

Be sure to address this person in an appropriate manner. Start off by saying, “Thank You.” Be Specific. Offering examples of what their contributions into your life have meant to you is important for them to understand you gratefulness. Let them feel your heart. End the letter with a thank you and send that goodness off into the atmosphere, quickly. The world sure does need more of it.

This is my challenge to all of you who are reading this article. What are some other challenges you have partaken in over the holiday seasons?

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