Knowing Your Worth Will Forever Change Your Life

I use to not know who I was. If I wanted Jason’s Deli and someone else wanted Burger King, despite my reservations of processed burgers and fried potatoes, I would end up eating a burger, fries, and strawberry shake. I attributed these decisions to my easy-going nature. You know, I go with the flow. I am a Pisces. But that’s not what it was. I had no concept of what the value of my offerings were nor the price of my sacrifice. Completely clueless. I hope I am as clear as the blue sky when I say this… Knowing your worth will forever change your life.

Let me tell you this, going with the flow is not the same as letting someone walk all over you. And sometimes in life we don’t even know when someone is using us up. We just find ourselves feeling a whole lot of silly and a bit sore from months of being walked on. Just think about it. You are at a store and a brand new employee accidentally puts a sign of $19.99 next to the iPhones instead of the iPhone covers. Or have you seen in the news when the gas has accidentally gone down to $.39 a gallon because someone forgot to put the $2 in front of it and EVERYBODY is rushing over to get some. It’s human nature to want things that will benefit us for a fraction of the cost.

Let me help this make sense for you

We will gladly take an iPhone for $19.99 because we know its value. We know how many uses it has and how it will benefit our lives. But unfortunately for the cheapskate in all of us, Apple knows it’s worth. Well, at least they can tell us what they are worth and we have no choice but to abide by the price that Apple has set. There is absolutely no way around it. If you want to use the iPhone, you WILL pay the cost of using that technology.

It is so important for us to view ourselves in this manner. If you don’t realize the worth of what you just brought to the table, no one else will and they will treat your sacrifice as kindly as they treat napkins after they have wiped their hands. If you don’t put a value on you, there is no value! Plain and simple. Not everyone is going to take the time to dig and see what you are worth and how amazing you are.

I think back to my wedding and the long search for the perfect photographer. There were some photographers that charged $500 to capture the precious moments of my special day. Then there were photographers who started their pricing at $3000 and all other services outside of the photography were a la carte. There was no negotiating with the photographer with the high price. That was what their time was worth for a day of shooting. The photographer at $500 felt the need to throw in freebies that the other photographer would have never allowed in the contract.

Do you see where I am going with this????

How knowing your worth will forever change your life

When you aren’t confident in who you are and what you have to offer you will throw out low bids. You will run errands for people who wouldn’t run around for you. You will bring lunch to someone who doesn’t care if you ate or not. Knowing your worth will forever change your life.

I am going to wrap this post up with some math. Two photographers have 10 gigs this month. The first photographer that charges $500 a gig makes $5,000. Not bad for one month right. Well the other photographer that walks confidently in what they provide will make $30,000. See!!!

Know your worth. Know your value. Know the price of your sacrifice. Always know you are enough. Knowing your worth puts you in the running of a race that you never knew you were eligible for. A race that was meant for you all along, with a finish line reward that you deserve.

This is my revelation as of late. What are some pearls of wisdom that have come to you lately?

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