Just Buy the Ticket

Since arriving back in the states, I have had to explain to people that I have been gone for several years. This happens when I am looking lost and confused at people when they are explaining things to me. I just let them know that I am unfamiliar and when I get the look from them that “everyone knows about this.” I explain the whole move back to the States. Once I do that, their tune changes and I get the same response, “I have always wanted to visit Italy.” My first thought is: just buy the ticket.

Morning time can be quite special. The light fills a new day, or even a new year with the hope of future accomplishments. We make a list, check it twice and then at the first glimpse of challenge we lean upon the comfort of habit and routine. The same habit and routine that kept us from achieving our goals in the first place. We stay in place until the time is right, until the stars align, until we are given permission. Having spent time away from my former habit and routine, I’ve grown to realize that what we want, we must do. If we want to go to Italy, just buy the ticket. It’s the first step that begins us on a new journey into life and deeper into ourselves. Let hope inspire you and determination push you forward.

Just do it

When I was actively on Facebook, I would often see statuses of people threatening to shut down their social media account. People would then say, “no don’t go.” Which in turn would make the person threatening deletion, stay; as if our life decisions should be crowdsourced to the masses. We don’t realize our own potential and capabilities at times. To wait and see if others are watching, if others will be pleased or if others will applaud, is not sustainable. Live responsibly towards others, yes, but be authentically true to who we are. If you want to get off of Facebook, get off. Just do it already.

Just buy the ticket

I say just buy the ticket, but what does that mean? If it’s something you want to do in your heart, don’t just talk. If it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, let it be something that you are doing or planning toward. Years can pass by and we won’t have done “the thing” that’s in our heart. Now I am a firm believer of everything has it’s perfect timing. Our planning and desire to can make timing perfect.  If you always wanted to become a baker, or whatever your want may be, then sign up for classes. If you want to go to Italy because you’ve always wanted to go, just buy the ticket.

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