Gelato University and Museum in Bologna, Italy

Old fashioned ice cream containers at the gelato museum

This year has been full of such amazing adventures. My oldest son’s homeschool group recently took a field trip to the Gelato University and Museum in Bologna, Italy. It was every bit of amazing. Living in America, the closest thing that we get to as far as good “gelato” is Stone Cold Creamery. Now don’t get me wrong, I love some Stone Cold, but the gelato in Italy is on an entirely different level. It is like heaven in a cone. Have Mercy!

See no one prepares you for the gloriousness that is in each gelato flavor. The gelato is made fresh everyday with a combination of eggs, cream, ice, vanilla, salt, and fresh fruits. I think that is what contributes to the addiction that comes with every bite. You can’t just taste gelato. Gelato is something you must experience and it is an experience worth embarking on. Begin this amazing experience with a tour through the museum. Here it is you are given the history on how gelato got started. How they went from flavored to snow to the rich and decadent flavors we have today.

Gelato University and Museum

The Museum

The museum also brought us through the evolution of the gelato machines. It was really neat to see technology at play in this museum. You can see the metal molds that made many shapes for the ice creams in addition to containers they were once served in and machines used to crank out these luscious delicacies.

Gelato University and MuseumGelato University and Museum

It was so interesting to see the process that gelato has gone through. I guess I just never really think about food until it is on my plate. Lately, I have been very intrigued by the process. I think it is a shame that it has taken me this long to really be into what I put in my body and where it comes from and how it is prepared. Giving my children the opportunities to learn about how things are made and where they come from are just as important. I do not want them to be late on the train of what is good for us and what is not.

After we left the museum portion of the gelato tour, we headed to the Gelato Lab. And. Oh. My. Goodness. It was all that I could ask for and more! The Gelato University and Museum is worth its weight in gold.

Gelato University and Museum

The Gelato

I walk into the sites of gelato here and there. I have to say this was my favorite. This was a custard gelato with dark chocolate and fresh strawberries. There was also a snicker doodle and spinach mango gelato. The possibilities were endless.

Gelato University and Museum

The University

What I loved about this field trip was that the kids even got a chance to make their own gelato. It was really fun. They had the opportunity to get suited up in professional gelato ware and mix away. Okay, well it is semi-professional. LOL.

By the time we were finished. My little guy was more than ready to dive in. Funny thing is, he finished before the group and everyone was still working. I told him he had to wait just a moment before he could get his gelato. I don’t think he is feeling me so much.

This was truly an amazing experience. One that we will not soon forget. If you ever find yourself in Italy for some time, remember that the country is filled with culture and really cool everyday tours of what life here is really like. And don’t forget to get your gelato! If you have time, you should try to make it to the Gelato University and Museum.

Gelato University and Museum

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    October 16, 2020 at 2:28 pm

    I LOVE gelato! This sounds like such a fun experience. I am adding it to my bucket list : )

    • Reply
      Christy Irene
      October 22, 2020 at 9:54 pm

      Please do! It was an amazing experience and the most delicious gelato!

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