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Lessons From the Cafe

Christy Irene shares her thoughts and lessons that she has learned while enjoying time in the cafe.

  • How I Enjoy My Own Company

    Thinking back to my early 20s, I recall always being with a group. Different groups might I add. I had a church group and my college group and my high school…

  • Just Buy the Ticket

    Since arriving back in the states, I have had to explain to people that I have been gone for several years. This happens when I am looking lost and confused at…

  • 8 Powerful Things to Start Doing Now

    In preparation for the new year, it was quite the chore to figure out exactly what and how I should spend my time this year. I don’t want December to come…

  • Things That Don’t Matter

    Sometimes in life I get in a mental space where I let the actions and opinions of others consume me. I become consumed to the point of where inaction settles in…

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