Raise a Strong Family: What It Means to Us

My family in Vicenza Italy

Spending time with my family means everything to me. Taking the time to raise a strong family is key. My goal for parenthood is to create such wonderful memories for my children that they will want to recreate them plus more with their own children when they become parents. Choosing to start a family is a lifelong journey. It’s important to me to get it as right as I can.

I mean I am not trying to send anybody to therapy. Ha. But, I’m serious.

Raise a Strong Family

Together with my husband, we are raising two wonderful boys. We want them to leave our home doing wonderful things. It is our belief that in order to do that, we must pour some wonderful things into their life, spirit, and psyche. If you know like I know, there is no rule book to life or raising a family with lifelong bonds. Hubby and I are learning too. What’s most important is we are journeying through it all together: hubby, the boys, and me.

Raise a strong family

We all teach and we all learn. Some days I am the lesson giver, the next day my life lessons come from them. The goal for us is to remain humble enough to know that love and respect holds us together, keeps us accountable, and allows us to grow.

Family is Everything when Love is at the Center

Everyday we live, we learn, we grow. Everyday we strive to create an atmosphere that nourishes and teaches, and loves. Our children are our gift. Our gift to the world is to raise educated, well-rounded, compassionate and kind children. Oh, and know their worth. This can only be accomplished when we lead and be the example. We have to show them a world that they want to be a vibrant member of. We have to provide the experiences in which they can grow. So, click away and check us out as we strive to raise a strong family.

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