8 Powerful Things to Start Doing Now

In preparation for the new year, it was quite the chore to figure out exactly what and how I should spend my time this year. I don’t want December to come and I wonder what my accomplishments were. I remember my dad telling me that everyday you should be able to recall something you’ve done. I still live by that and have come up with 8 powerful things to start doing this year. Oh. When I say you I mean “we.”


8 Powerful Things to Start Doing This Year

K.I.T. (Keep in Touch)

One thing that I utterly suck at, and it’s not because my intentions are misguided or I no longer care about people that I once were close with, is keeping in touch with people that I use to be really close with. In the words of Kenya Moore “Life Twirls On.” Unfortunately, it sometimes is just that. Different places and mental spaces have people growing and at stand stills in life at different times.

With my husbands line of work, we are constantly on the move here and there and re-settling into a new routine takes a toll. However, that is no excuse. This year nurture relationships that you intend to see flourish. Neither time nor distance should deter a strong bond of genuine friends. And if your reason for not keeping in touch is that the friendship was not genuine after all, hey, some things are truly meant for one particular season.

Set Aside “Me Time”

Me time? What’s that? Are you like me as well in that area? Ha! Not this year. Despite my obligations to my favorite guys, I am finding time to rejuvenate. You just have to. If you are already getting in your share of me time. Good for you! If not, just know that to effectively pour into the lives that look to your for guidance, love, and comfort, you can only offer that when you are equipped to do so. Even your phone has to be plugged up to be of any use after it has died. When you are exhausted, you have to reboot. Set aside some me time. This is your time to do what makes you happy and fills your spirit. Everyone wants a happy you. You can only be that when you are actually happy.

Buy a Planner and Use It!


This is another area where I have needed some help. My husband has even had to send friendly reminders for me to get my life. I need that. I am Pisces and have been known to be all over the place with my thoughts. Set aside time each week. Try a Sunday afternoon for about 30 minutes to write down what you need to do for the week and when it needs to be done. Writing it down and in a planner will help keep you on track with your weekly accomplishments and keep you accountable to what needs to be tackled. Remember what my daddy told us.. Everyday you should be able to recall something that you’ve done. Buying a planner and using it will help with just that!

Establish a Nightly Routine

While I was living single, one thing that I made sure to do was prepare for bed. I took my sleep seriously. I had cute pajamas (still do). Hehe. This is what I did to get ready for bed.

  • Take a shower
  • Get in my comfy pajamas
  • Cleanse my face with my Mary Kay Skin Care Regimen
  • Drink water
  • Burn my Lavender Vanilla Oil
  • Play some soft yoga music
  • Get in the bed and drift to sleep

This routine got me in the mood for bed. Falling asleep on the couch watching TV was just not going to cut it for me. I would wake up uncomfortable and irritable. I set my intentions for my morning to go smoothly. I started to set those intentions for an easy morning off to work by preparing the night before, and it worked. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Now my morning routine is a separate paragraph and it’s since been altered since I’ve had the little guy. It’s kind of every man for himself in the morning. But my night routine is something sweet and it definitely prepares me for the next day to come.


Meditate, ya hear me?! Oh my goodness. The amazing world of meditations. Honestly, at first, I felt this to be not worth the time. I mean what do you do when you meditate. Sit there, maybe hum, and do nothing. I don’t ever have time to sit and do nothing. I “gots” things to do chile’ and meditating interrupted the flow of doing.

And then I didn’t know if I was even doing it right. Huummm. Ummmm.. I gotta get up.

Meditating clears your mind. You focus on your breaths as you breathe in and out. Why would you want to do that you may ask? Meditating gives your mind the opportunity to tune into what your spirit is trying to tell you and where it is trying to lead you. You can hustle and bustle and wheel and deal and find yourself running in unnecessary circles – a hamster wheel almost.

Mediating clears out all the clutter of the day and allows your thoughts to come to you. You are full of great ideas and sometimes you can barely tap into them because all the stuff you encounter during the day is renting space in your head. You can even add this to your nightly routine as a way to drift into sleep with a clear conscience. If you don’t mediate, I encourage you to look into it.

Learn a New Skill

You know all that fabulous stuff you know how to do that you share with the world. Yeah, that. Well. Learn something new. This is not because your amazing skill set isn’t amazing at all, it just is always a good thing to add skills to your list of things you know how to do. Learn to roll fondant. Change your tire. Study a new language. The list of new skills you can acquire is extensive and the beauty is it can be tailor made to fit your needs and desires for yourself. Start a blog! Try something new! You’ll be glad you did.

8 powerful things you should start back doing this year


You know all those wonderful skills that I just talked about that you possess – if you don’t go out and share that with somebody I am going to… ask you nicely to do so. When thinking about all the things that go on around the globe, we are not in the best shape as Earth people. And no matter what we may go through, there is still someone, somewhere that we can help tremendously with the resources we have.

Share that. Make someone’s day. You may be the only spark that they see.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be so formal either. It can be a young lady at church or a neighbor who needs a hand. Teach someone that new skill you have just learned. Sometimes we even have to remember to volunteer in our house and not forget the little lives that we are responsible for. Give to someone who can only return your kindness with a Thank you. Those selfless actions are always honored.

Let Go.

I saved the best for last and the most powerful thing by far. Let go. I need not go into full paragraph. We all have things to let go of, that do not serve our life’s purpose and does not serve our happiness. If something serves and feeds your fears or any characteristic of the like,  just let go. It’s 2018. Leave it be and live.

So as I have stated in other posts, I am planning for a great year. This is my list of 8 powerful things to start doing this year. I hope you will join me. Do you have a list? What would you add?

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