3 Things On My Mind After Kobe Bryant’s Death

3 Things on My mind after Kobe Bryant's death

Like many of you, I am sure that on last Sunday you thought Kobe Bryant’s death was a cruel joke. That is what I thought. Originally, when my husband sent me the text, I thought it was a typo. There’s no way that this type of freak accident happens to someone who was putting good into the world. But it wasn’t a typo. It was dreadfully true. While in my mind I am thinking of holding my loved ones close, I am also pondering on some other truths.

People feel SO entitled to have a say in your life whether you are famous or not.

Why is that? I have seen all the well wishes and some of the comments (only some because the comment section is so brutal most times). People have been in full mourning. I have seen people say they aren’t sad because he was an accused rapist. One commenter said they were sorry that he died but he was a ball hog and they didn’t like how arrogant he was. Whoa!

We become so invested in other peoples lives to the point where we want them to behave based upon our comfort level and our own vision for them. And we walk around proudly opinionated and miss the forest for the trees. People have to live their own truths. We must all walk our own path irregardless of the directions that others would like to steer us. The realization hits me that some people can’t mourn a death or even celebrate a life due to being so caught up in trying to direct someone else’s life all the while not mastering their own.

I just can’t stop thinking about Kobe Bryant’s death and how I need to make sure that I am in alignment with my own path, before speaking out and against others who are just trying to figure out this thing called life. Just like me. Just like you.

Kobe and Gigi – Photo Credit to Click On Detroit

Although he died young, he lived an accomplished life. He did great things. We should do great things.

During his high school years, he was drafted into the NBA. Kobe Bryant has had the opportunity to live WELL from a very young age. He was accomplished and was still accomplishing. To say he worked hard is an understatement. Kobe put in his work, paid his dues, and was able to reap the benefits along the way. He lived WELL.

The mourning over Kobe Bryant’s death is not because he was on TV. The depth of sorrow felt by many is because his impact on the world was tremendous. We got to watch him grow and mature over the years. We experienced his humor and benevolence. An exceptional impact of good was put into the world and now it’s gone. It wasn’t just that he was an NBA star. He had developed and matured into being a good human, thoughtful and intentional. Gone… He’s gone. And those who loved him were not ready for that light to dim.

And I feel that, deeply. Kobe Bryant’s death has me thinking about living an accomplished life. It also has me thinking of all the great I have yet to do. I too wish to live WELL while on this earth.

Sometimes in life you can come back from a mistake..

Kobe Bryant was an accused sexual assaulter. The woman says she was raped. His persepctive was that she was cool with the entire transaction. The whole situation is terrible. An apology was issued and he acknowledged that it was a terrible mistake. A bad judgement call on his part because 1.) he was married and 2.) he made someone feel vulnerable. People have varying opinions on it. At the end of the day it is their situation to sort out amongst themselves. I am not called to be judge or the jury. Neither are you.

We all have those “not my finest moment” hours. Fortunately for us, the general public doesn’t care and it’s not aired on television. People are sent to prison to become reformed, supposedly, but we know that to not be the case. The important thing when in the midst of making a mistake is self-regulation. Check myself and have someone check me and check up on me. It is my belief that when we consciously or unconsciously make mistakes, we should be willing to own them and make it right.

I remember in the midst of some of my mistakes thinking that there was no going up, but there is. Only if we allow ourselves room for self-forgiveness and growth.

Kobe Bryant’s Death reminds me to Be Present, Loving, and Forgiving.

However you choose to think on Kobe Bryant’s death (if you think on it at all), it stands as a not so friendly reminder to do away with the things that don’t matter. Look up from your phone. Have conversations with the people around you. Choose to be aware of your place in this world and live life extraordinarily. Be extra and over the top. Love tremendously. Forgive.

I wish peace to the hearts of the Bryant Family, from my family.

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