29 Practical Ways to Love Yourself

I have been working my vision and seeing results. I lost 3 pounds. Watch out world! I don’t know about you but I am ready to rock it! With my headphones in my ears and running shoes on my feet, I am ready to tackle it… ALL! Most importantly this month along with the other 11, while we are giving love to others, we mustn’t forget to pour some of that love into ourselves.  Here are 29 practical ways to love yourself.

29 Practical Ways to Love Yourself this Month

  1. Take a Walk. It’s good for your heart.
  2. Start a journal of things that make you smile.
  3. Make a music playlist to play when working out, taking long car rides, or even cuddling.
  4. If you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated so…. Stay hydrated.
  5. Get a facial.
  6. Take an art (sculpting, painting, photography) class just for fun.
  7. Put down your phone.
  8. Enjoy some moments of silence.
  9. Go someplace that you have been passing by and have always wanted to stop, but hadn’t made the time.
  10. Write a personal mantra for the month of February.
  11. Stretch. You have no idea how tight your muscles are, relax them.
  12. Stand outside. Just stand there. Enjoy the beauty all around you.
  13. Make a fruit salad of your favorite fruit. Snack on it throughout the day.
  14. Take a “daycation” by yourself or with someone that you love spending time with.
  15. Discover your favorite tea. Drink it. Teavana has a great selection if you need some place to start.
  16. Try a new restaurant.
  17. Read a novel.
  18. Read a non-fiction book.
  19. Tell someone you love and appreciate them and mean it. It is good for your soul.
  20. Treat yourself to an outfit that you look incredible in. Just because.
  21. Treat yourself to  pajamas you will feel sexy in. Again, just because.
  22. Focus on your breathing. It will help clear your mind.
  23. Take some time to do something that you use to do, but still love.
  24. Pay a compliment to someone. They will smile and so will you.
  25. Make wise food choices. Bump up your fiber, fruit, and vegetable intake.
  26. Learn how to make a new dish, one that you would love to make again.
  27. Go to the local Farmer’s Market. Eeek.
  28. Count to 10 and back down again.
  29. Let go and Be kind. Whatever will be already is.

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