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    Walker Honey Farm: Honey Bee Tours and Family Fun

    Walker Honey Farm

    There is nothing sweeter than spending time with my family. In my mind, my family is what I have created and I like to enjoy things that I have contributed to building. This past weekend my little one and I went to Walker Honey Farm, in Rogers, Texas, for a bee tour. It was a nice treat to end our long week with.

    Walker Honey Farm

    So if you call the place you get wine, a winery, shouldn’t the place you get honey be called the Honeyry? This honey farm gives honey bee tours throughout the year on the first Saturday of the month. You can find out all about them here. The little one and I had an amazing time. We got a chance to see what all goes into getting the sweet, aromatic honey into the jar. Now we all know the stars of the honey, the bees, but there are stars behind the honey in the jars. Our tour guide was very informative and fun and answered all of my questions.

    Free Honey Samples

    There were tons of honey varieties to choose from. I think the tasting was my favorite part.

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