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    My Prayer Today

    I said a prayer today and it felt long overdue. I have held on to the weight of all my disappointments, all of my personal failures and kept them close to my heart as unnecessary reminders of who I am. But it’s not. That’s not who I am.

    That wasn’t even me at the moment.

    Those were backroom decisions made in the dark. I now seek light. Each and every second I have a fresh opportunity to grow and evolve. I pray that I cease the moment. All of the weight can simply be unbuckled from my back and sat out on the curb. I pray I’ll gain strength to ask for someone’s knife if I cannot find my own to cut the strings. When the sun rises and grants me new life, sorrow and gloom is not what I live. I pray for boldness to walk in the rays of the sun and not seek the shelter of the shade because of the fear of heat and exposure.

    I welcome the light.

    Expose to me what I need to heal. Warm my spirit so that I may ignite a new passion in others. This is my prayer today.


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