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8 Powerful Things to Start Doing Now

In preparation for the new year, it was quite the chore to figure out exactly what and how I should spend my time this year. I don’t want December to come and I wonder what my accomplishments were. I remember my dad telling me that everyday you should be able to recall something you’ve done. I still live by that and have come up with 8 powerful things to start doing this year. Oh. When I say you I mean “we.”


8 Powerful Things to Start Doing This Year

K.I.T. (Keep in Touch)

One thing that I utterly suck at, and it’s not because my intentions are misguided or I no longer care about people that I once were close with, is keeping in touch with people that I use to be really close with. In the words of Kenya Moore “Life Twirls On.” Unfortunately, it sometimes is just that. Different places and mental spaces have people growing and at stand stills in life at different times.

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Silence is Golden When There is Nothing to Say

Every once in a while I fine it completely necessary to go radio silent. I have to spend time in my quiet place. It’s where I find my solace and myself and gather all the things that I need…

Lemon Blueberry Chia Oat Pudding

Good eating truly takes planning. This lemon blueberry chia oat pudding was just the start to a new beginning for me.For the last couple of mornings I have been grabbing the most random-est of things to eat for breakfast…

Old fashioned ice cream containers at the gelato museum

Gelato University and Museum in Bologna, Italy

This year has been full of such amazing adventures. My oldest son’s homeschool group recently took a field trip to the Gelato University and Museum in Bologna, Italy. It was every bit of amazing. Living in America, the closest thing…

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